COVID-19 Communication/Positive Test Results

COVID-19 Communication/Positive Test Results
Posted on 04/28/2021
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As we navigate the current Covid-19 pandemic, and work to meet the learning and safety needs of our students, the professional and safety needs of our staff, and the expectations our community has for our school, we want to communicate with our stakeholders information related to Covid-19 and members of our school community.  

You may wonder what symptoms to look for in your own children, or the symptoms of illness our district looks for that are most commonly associated with Covid-19.  For guidance on evaluating symptoms of ill students, click here.

Even though we plan to communicate information when we receive it, we don't want to do so in a way that reveals the identity of those involved.  For that reason, please don't use this information as a way to identify members of our community who are stricken by Covid-19.  Rather, use it is a barometer for how our system as a whole is fairing in our work to keep students and staff safe while leading the learning of our kids, as well. 

The district will communicate the following:
  • If a student or staff member tests positive, we'll work with Iowa County Public Health on contact tracing and Iowa County Public Health will contact close contacts for this person. 
  • As a district, we'll inform students and staff who are in the same building during an infectious period of the virus, and that all who are considered close contacts have been or will be contacted by Iowa County Public Health, unless we are directed differently by Iowa County Public Health.
  • We'll report  a general account of positive tests of students or staff.
  •  If a student is identified as a close contact of a person who has tested positive the building administrator or school nurse will inform the classroom teacher that the student will be absent for a period set to end on a given date, and that homework can be prepared as best as possible for the child during that time.  

Approximate # of Students

# of PK-6 Student Active Cases

# of 7-12 Student Active Cases


 <6 <6

Approximate # of Staff Members

# of PK-6 Staff Active Cases

# of 7-12 Staff Active Cases


0 0

An active case indicates the student or staff member is currently under isolation as a result of a positive test result.

As of January 12, a total of 24 PK-6 students had tested positive since the start of the school year, and 22 7-12 students had tested positive.  138 students have quarantined at Mary Welsh Elementary School and 152 students have quarantined at the jr./sr. high school.  Fourteen staff members have tested positive for Covid-19 at Mary Welsh Elementary School, and eight staff members have tested positive at the jr./sr. high school. Thirteen staff members have quarantined at Mary Welsh, and twenty five staff members have quarantined at the jr./sr. high school.  

Guidance released to the district the week of September 14 indicated that for a number (other than zero) that was less than six, the district should not provide that specific number.  For that reason, unless our counts are zero or six or more, we'll be using the "less than 6" indicator.